Creating the right content is key to a successful advertising campaign. We create unique memorable concepts, produce the right content [writing, photos, designs, audio, videoand place them in the right media [TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, and Social Media].


Fantasia Adverting has the skills to produce good quality Videos. We know how to put together a video for any format. We have produced videos in luxurious locations and plain studios. We know which crew members are required for every type of business and what equipment is required to get the right shots. We have produced videos with models, actors, animation or just products. Fantasia Advertising has produced over 150 videos. Please get in touch if you want more information.


Fantasia Adverting understands all the elements needed to create great designs. Knowledge of Fonts, Colours, Formats and Layout are all key to achieving the right results. An understanding of the media is also key to getting the right results. The combination of these skills, understanding and experience has benefited many clients in achieving success in their design projects. 


Fantasia Adverting knows that every photograph requires a different application. There is a different set of requirements when photographing an Actor or Model promoting a brand than shooting a product in a studio. Knowledge of every aspect of the shoot allows clients to achieve a better photo at a better cost. Getting a photo shoot wrong means often having to do it again or abandoning the project all together. Knowing which lens to use, type of lighting, background, model, hair, make-up and costume all combines to achieving amazing photos.

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Fantasia Adverting creates content for digital media. Whether businesses require a new static website or an e-commerce online shop or content write up for social media. Fantasia has the combination of Technical Skills and Creative Knowledge to create content daily, weekly or monthly. Correct digital content creation is key to getting the right results and saving money. Digital content formats change very frequently and it is important to have someone stay on top of the Digital Content creation. Fantasia creates blogs, photos,videos and manages SEO for you.