PRODUCT photoshoot for PPE Masks.  This photo features a pack of masks with key details.  
Fantasia Advertising believes that all Brands should invest in good Product photography. The photos then can be used for leaflets, catalogues, websites and much much more.
PEOPLE photo shoot. Fantasia did a photoshoot with a model for Shazan Chilled Range. The Model posed with a variety of packs during a video shoot. The photos were then used on the website, leaflets, and catalogue.
People always enhance adverts and promotional material. Fantasia Advertising manages the whole photoshoot. Choosing the right model, clothes, make-up, hair, and directing the poses. 
Perk Coffee 5.png
PLACES should look spectacular to entice customers to visit. Fantasia took many pictures of a local coffee shop PERK COFFEE. A professional photographer will take better photos than an owner using their mobile phone. A photographer will choose the right lenses and angles to highlight the key features of a Place.
Fantasia takes lots and lots of photos so that the business can use them in a variety of media e.g Websites, Leaflets, Newspapers, magazines and Social Media.